Sometimes you are in the mood to give something to your co-worker as something of an appreciation for keeping you sane despite the very hectic schedule that you have and the workload you have to submit. Or maybe, they are leaving their job post in pursuit of something greater, so you decide to give them a parting gift that will remind them of you and all your adventures together.

Now, the problem is that you do not know what to give them, trust us this problem is very universal and we experience it all the time too– so here is a list of things you can give to your coworkers when you want to give them something.

Practical Things

 Nothing beats giving someone a gift that is functional and practical to show them that you care, so maybe you could also do this. Buy them something they can use even in their next work so they are constantly reminded of you every time they use the thing you gave them, here are a few examples:

1.   Planners or Journals

Buy them this if your friend is more of an organized type of person or if they are the type to write down their thoughts and feelings in a journal. A good journal or planner is one that is personalized to their character or maybe one that has some inspirational messages to help motivate them.

travel adapter corporate gift

2.   Tech-based Gifts

Now, you surely understand how big a role technology plays in our lives, right? The same is also true for your co-worker so maybe it is in both of your best interests to give them something useful for their gadgets, like a portable charger or a travel adapter corporate gift, either way, the two will show them that you care!

3.   Subscriptions

Similar to the last thing we recommended, this one is also tech-based, and it comes in the form of a subscription service. Try giving them a month free of a subscription-based program that you think they would like like maybe a gym subscription or if they want to stay home, a free Netflix subscription. The charm in this is that it shows that you notice them and the things they like so it makes for an amazing and thoughtful gift.


At the end of the day, you just want to give them something that will remind them of you so even just a simple letter will do, what matters is to show them your support and love!


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