Attending a class and learning new skills is exciting. Completing the class can be a rewarding experience too. Floral arrangement classes are highly sought-after in Singapore. The workshop is a great way for beginners to learn a new skill in flower arranging.  But what can you really expect from a floral arrangement workshop singapore? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Expert Guidance from Experienced Instructors

In a flower arrangement class in Singapore, expect that the instructors are skilled and experienced. They are knowledgeable and qualified to teach participants about the basics and complexities of flower arrangements. The workshop will most likely start with the theory and academic aspects of flower arranging.

Introduction to Design Principles

A flower arrangement is more than just randomly placing flowers and foliage. It is an art and it follows design rules. Learning about the design principle is expected in a flower arrangement workshop. For example, you will learn how to strike the right balance, proportion, and harmony, and choose focus points.

Discussions About the Basics of Flower Arrangement

The basics of flower arrangement are learning how to choose the right components. At workshops, you can learn more about working with different kinds of flower design components. You understand what makes each of them important. You will also learn how to pick the right parts of the arrangement.

Prepare for Hands-On Learning

Learning the theory about flower design is important. However, hands-on learning is still more beneficial and useful. Prepare to work directly with various flowers, foliage, and different materials. This is where you can create new ideas and practice different arrangements. Hands-on learning also ensures you have a better understanding of the art of floral arrangement. Hands-on learning makes florists even more creative and confident in their skills.

Encourage Personal Expression

Flower arrangement is a way of personal expression. The class will encourage each participant to be creative. The instructors will allow you to be as wild as you can be with your imagination. So during the workshop, do not be afraid to experiment with different styles and color choices. The workshop is a safe place for you to unleash your creativity.

Learning by doing is the main focus of every flower arrangement workshop. Taking these classes can level up your love for flowers and design. After the workshop,  expect to be armed with new knowledge and skills for creating beautiful arrangements.