Animation connects people on a deep emotional level and evokes instant mixed feelings of:

  • Nostalgia
  • Humour
  • Excitement

People love seeing animated films or movies armed with 2D and 3d motion graphics. So, if the company uses both, it conveys information to the customers that makes them pay attention and enjoy more of the experience. You may wonder:

  • What animation to use?
  • Is it best to use 2D or 3D graphics?
  • Or use both forms of graphics?

2D versus 3D

2D and 3D motion graphics are in different forms, both in the creation and result. The most basic level is 2D in terms of height and weight, and 3D graphics with a layer of depth that provides an element of realism. In traditional cartoons, 2D motion graphics are so familiar. It is used in video games and animations, providing realistic and flat view movement on the screen.

On the other hand, the 3D graphics provide realistic depth, allowing viewers to see space notice the movement of shadows and light, and gain a fuller understanding of what is being shown. The 3D motion graphic works with the brain’s natural tendency to explore what people see and enrich their understanding of the world.

Effectiveness of motion graphics

There is no question that motion graphics will help people remember and learn info. Many people see a video rather than interact with the brand. People remember that there is over 65% visual content they see, and only 10-20 text will be present. 90% of people are more entertained by the animation and motion graphics from a shared video than text messages.

Also, animation and motion graphics talk louder than simple text in a video. The 3D graphics elevate the emotional connection that 2D graphics can’t. Although both 2D and 3D graphics connect to people on some level, 3D graphics will be richly detailed and more effective at communicating difficult info and inspiring genuine feelings. Plus, it can illuminate abstract ideas that provide a richer experience that feels realistic.

If the company needs to train the employees and educate the buyers, the best way is to communicate with them through creative concepts by considering the use of 3D graphics. The animators produce 3D videos using the cinema. No matter how hard or creative the idea is, the animators can bring it to life using 3D graphics.

3D graphics are so realistic, which is incomparable to any other old forms of motion graphics.