Structurally, all types of smoking pipes have the same structure.  At first glance, the structure is simple, but several details have a significant impact on the quality of smoking.  So, the mouthpiece can have an additional replaceable filter.  However, in pipes where the details of the mouthpiece, mortises and smoke channel are carefully and hermetically adjusted, the need for additional filters is eliminated.  Moreover, in well-made pipes, smoking gives excellent dry smoke without any additional devices. The internal structure of glass hand pipes the stammel consists of a smoke channel and a tobacco chamber.

An important point: the smoke when smoking should come out of the bowl exactly in the centre of the bottom of the tobacco chamber.  That is, the bottom should be solid – without the presence of seams both horizontally and vertically.  Otherwise, the tobacco will burn unevenly, and the pipe will not give enough smoke.

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Another important detail: the diameter of the shank should be optimally 4–4.2 mm.  Too wide a channel gives an excessively large volume of smoke, with a narrow diameter of the stem, it is more difficult to light the pipe, and the draft in it is heavier.  And one more very important point is when buying a tube, you must pay special attention to all connections.  In the presence of gaps and cracks, and insufficiently tight connection of parts, the pipe during smoking will absorb moisture from the surrounding air and become damp, and the mouthpiece will make unpleasant whistling sounds.