The signs are everywhere: the property is in danger. From Spotify’s IPO to Amazon Prime which hit 100 million subscriptions to new monthly subscription, more and more people are opting for fluid services rather than static products. In fact, our physical world seems to rapidly diminish all around us. Companies aren’t buying buildings, they’re renting from WeWork or Servorp. Teenagers don’t save to buy cheap cars, they take their phones for a ride. Shopping malls are also disappearing Coolest subscription services.

Coolest subscription services

The reason for choosing use instead of ownership can vary.

Some of the major drivers of change are related to the fact that, as technology allows us to track and connect people, it also becomes possible to transform traditional products into services.

Additionally, the most demanded assistance became accessible, many people became familiar of the entire expense of possession, therefore opting for admission over ownership holder.

When you buy a car, its initial cost is only part of the expense. The real costs associated with the car will be the whole range of maintenance costs and operating costs to keep the car running.

If you own a car, you know what we are talking about. When you buy a car you may have coverage for a few years, but the older the car, the more expenses you will have. To the point where maintenance costs skyrocket.