Competition not only has the effects to bring out the best in ourselves but also to wreck the mind with too much pressure. You might feel productive while pulling an all nighters and emerging into the new dawn all full of a sense of accomplishment. But have you ever thought about the long term effect that it will have on your neural health. Over a period of time, your neuron transmitters fry up and dwindle because of constant use. You need to recharge them and infuse a fresh life. This is where Nootropics come in, or more correctly this is where cortyx clarity comes in. You can know more about this on

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Just like the human body needs exercise, the brain needs its refreshments too. The longer you continue to keep it undernourished, the more it starts to fall apart. If you haven’t heard about Nootropics it is most probably because you have not been paying that much attention to your internal needs. You must understand that your brain is the most complex thing that there is in your body. It takes up roughly about 80% of the nutrition that you put into your diet.

Those people who are engaged at high performance levels, like lawyers, doctors or advanced students; they need to keep their mind in the prime of its condition. The more you use it the more it craves rejuvenation. Nootropics is a brand of medicine that deals with this. It is all about providing recharge to your brain. Cortyx clarity aims to help you achieve this objective daily. You might have experienced a moment of mental fogginess. It comes in various forms: forgetting where you put your keys or having difficulty to remember something that you just read.