Pennsylvania electricity rates are among the most competitive in the nation. The deregulation of electricity rates allows customers to shop for new energy suppliers in addition to their local utility company which can lower the cost of their monthly bill, and possibly saving money. More than 1.7 million utility customers in the state have opted to do just that.

The PA power switch was developed to educate consumers about the process of switching energy providers. The site contains specific information on how to look through the utility bill, select an electric provider and also the rights and protections that are available for residential electricity users across the state. The site also includes an online portal that allows users can find the most affordable PA electricity rates for their homes as well as businesses.

The rates for best pa electric providers vary across the state because utility companies charge different prices for power transmission and distribution across different regions of the state. However, the Price to Compare rate – which is listed on the pages one and three of all bills for utilities – could be used as a baseline to determine how much you should pay for your business or home’s energy supply. The PA power switch site allows anyone to easily find the most affordable electricity rates by entering their zip code or choosing a city from the list.


Many Pennsylvania electricity plans include options for renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. The amount of green power included in each plan is listed on the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). Depending on your credit history you may have to make a deposit payment when you sign to an energy plan, however certain companies offer no-deposit plans or waive deposits for customers who are good. Prepaid electricity can help you save money on your PA electricity rate.

Most electric retailers allow you to choose between the fixed or variable rate. The former offers a level of security that can be beneficial during volatile markets while the latter allows you to take advantage of lower prices in favorable times. Many energy companies also offer introductory rates for new customers that can be attractive, but these are typically teaser rates used to lure in new customers.

The PA public utilities commission is the governing body that oversees and regulates regulated energy companies in the state. The commission is funded by assessments levied on the regulated companies. It has an entire team of rate and service analysts, auditors, safety inspectors and enforcement investigators. The commission also grants licenses to power suppliers and works in the background around power delivery, handling things like customer service and billing.