There are over 120 cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant and a majority of them are still unknown. And yet we see that pro smokers worry about getting the benefits of all of them. When it comes to getting very high and buzzed, delta-9 is what should come to your mind.

But, there is a subtle difference between delta-8 and delta-9. To understand this, you need to know that two major components pack the punch of marijuana. As for the question of “Where can I buy delta 8 ?“, Read more to find out.

THC and CBD:-

As far as the delta-8 flower is concerned, it is the best for people who are just starting out and testing with marijuana. It has a beautiful combination of both CBD and THC in them. For the question that is mentioned as the topic as to “Where can I buy a delta-8 flower?”, the Three best sites are mentioned below. These sites have the best delta-8 flower and you would surely experience heaven with them. They are:-

  1. 3chi
  2. Diamond CBD
  3. Delta effex

The two major components of the plant are THC and CBD. As to the first one, the THC is responsible for giving you the high. The buzzed feeling or a pure sense of euphoria that you feel while you smoke a joint or eat a gummy, you get it from the THC in the product. CBD is responsible for the calm and stress-reducing effects. It doesn’t give you a high but it soothes your body and calms your mind.