As the owner and operator of a limo service, the onus is on you to ensure that each and every one of your customers feel thoroughly satisfied when they step out of the luxury vehicles that they paid to rent from you. Some aspects of keeping customer satisfaction sky high are pretty easy to wrap your head around, such as keeping your cars clean and maintaining a staff of capable drivers that are fully trained and licensed. That said, you should bear in mind that taking some extra steps never hurt anyone. Indeed, these extra steps could make the difference between your business failing or becoming a roaring success.

One thing that you might want to look into is to arrange quality control calls to your customers after they have gone home. Such calls can be useful in determining whether or not things were up to scratch. The reason behind this is that irate customers would love the chance to complain about anything that failed to meet their expectations, and since you are the owner of the business, you’re also the best person to make these complaints to! Services like have seen a lot of advantages of making post limo ride quality control calls, after all.

The key here is to time your call just right. It’s best to wait around twenty four hours after the cessation of the allotted limo rental time before making the inquiry. You see, most customers will be dead tired after riding around in a limo. Getting a call and being forced to give a critique would make them angrier than they otherwise would have been, but if you were to wait the requisite twenty four hours this would give your customers the chance to collect all of their thoughts.