Learning and understanding the English language is indeed a challenge, especially for those individuals who are living in places where it is not their main language. Surely, many can relate to this because today’s generation is now living in these modern times, wherein it is considered a necessity not just in their student journey, but as they start their career. This simply proves how it is important for people to learn the said universal language in the early years because it will become more challenging if they start learning it in their adulthood. In fact, many are considering it as one of their regrets because they have not exposed themselves in English.

Now, many parents and guardians have already understood the importance of learning the English language. Knowing that it is considered as the universal language, it will surely empower their children at a young age and they will carry it as they grow and embark on their career journey.

Cultivating Love for the English Language

The modern society today has been instilling to children the need to learn the English language. But this will not prosper if children do not enter a learning community that will cultivate a love for English in them. But do not worry because TAS is here to not just cultivate them, but also empower them today for their future.

TAS or The Alternative Story is the leading center that specializes in English for primary and secondary school students today. They have programs, such as Regular English Classes, Creative Writing Classes, and Holiday Programs.

For those who want their children to be exposed to an effective learning environment, choose TAS now! As the children will understand the importance of learning the language, they will surely be interested in writing, wherein english writing class for primary school is offered here.

To have an overview of their creative writing program, discover these learning areas from the TAS approach.

  • Oral and written skills and techniques. – TAS assures that their students will learn and develop their oral and writing skills. This will surely help them today to have a strong foundation in the English language.
  • Critical thinking and creativity. – TAS’ approach is indeed the effective and best approach when it comes to encouraging their students to think out of the box as they learn English.
  • Communication skills. – Effective communication will be learned here that will help students express their ideas.
  • Soft skills. – Through creative writing, students will surely learn how to be confident.

Indeed, the TAS program will surely lead students to excellently learn the English language.