The landscape contractors normally plan and design an indoor environment and make it absolutely. The team is mostly qualified in performing a different kind of duties. Tasked with a great many duties from visual designing to maintenance of landscape, the contractor is supposed to do as brilliant work in landscaping as it is possible.

The responsibility and obligations of a landscape contractor

Design and planning

A project for a landscape contractor singapore will typically call for a site and conceptual design plan for the outdoor space.  Afterwards is the site survey to learn more about site characteristics, such as topography, drainage, existing soil type, vegetation, and any other associated features that might influence the landscape design to include some of those elements.

Project management

Landscape contractors not only handle design activities, but once awarded a job they are in charge of seeing the entire project through, including permitting, maintaining communications with the client, hiring and scheduling work with subcontractors and making sure that every aspect of the job is done according to local regulations and building codes.

Site preparation and installation

After the design is approved and completed, the site is installed with landscape contractors who may do work such as grading, excavation, soil amendment, and the installation of irrigation systems before installing or implementing the hardscapes and softscapes outlined in the approved plan. Detail-oriented focus is of the essence in the installation phase in relation to the level of quality.

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Planting and horticulture

Landscape contractors need to have a good knowledge in plant selection, planting design and horticultural practices. Contractors must pick the right plants to best fit the site contexts and client’s needs. After the plants are picked whether a mature specimen or germinated seeds – proper planting techniques are important.

Maintenance and upkeep

Many of these landscape contractors will also offer their services for maintaining the landscape on a regular basis.  Ongoing maintenance helps keep the landscape looking beautiful longer, promotes the continued health of the plantings, and even extends the life of the landscape components.

Client communication and consultation

Throughout the process, in order to communicate effectively with the client, landscape contractors not only need to listen to the client but also interpret what the client is saying and provide professional advice and suggestions from their expertise. If the client feels something different in the final product and asks questions or raises concerns, open communication is important in order to quickly make any adjustments or modifications.


Being a landscape contractor is a responsible job and it has a lot of things. A landscape contractor needs to design and plan the idea of the landscapes, install and maintain the landscapes and also to talk to the clients.